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legalize gambling online

Legalize gambling in online casinos. Reports of parents sitting in an air conditioned casino, while leaving children locked in hot cars, are too disturbing to ignore.Reports of parents sitting in air conditioned casino, while leaving children locked in hot cars, are becoming too disturbing to ignore. Recently, in news from across the USA, there have been several reports of parents leaving their children locked in cars, while the parents sit in a casino and gamble. A great way to stop this from happening again would be to quickly allow legal gambling so parents who cannot afford a baby sitter will not do something as stupid as locking a small child alone in a car for several hours.

Another quick and easy solution would be to make the casino industry take responsibility for people they lure in with promises of great riches beyond belief. If the casinos all offered 24 hour free daycare for all casino players, those parents who are so far gone in their addiction would not have to make the decision of what to do with their children. They can just take them to the nearest gambling casino and let them be watched by paid staff members in the casinos' day care centers.

As well as making sure the little ones are not being neglected by parents, or legal guardians, the children in the casinos daycare can be checked for signs of abuse. Any parent regularly bringing a child to the casino could be counseled for a gambling addiction. Please do not get me wrong. I feel parents should be the ones taking responsibility for their kids, but gambling addiction is a crippling disease, and at least this would provide a way for parents, with compulsive gambling habits, to get much needed help.

Besides being the right thing to do for casinos, a small civic duty for the community, it also makes good business sense. If the casinos offer such a service they also open themselves up to single parents that could use a little time for some adult fun. By making the day care 24 hours around the clock, there is no reason why a parent would leave their kid at home instead of at a free daycare. The grownups could relax and have a little more fun knowing their kids are nearby, supervised, safe and secure.

This plea to make gambling legal is not a new concept. There are several Las Vegas casinos already offering day care. These centers offer fun time activities for children, such as watching all the popular videos, and games to play for kids of differing ages. This appeals to people with kids. The adults get to gamble and have some adult fun while the kids get to make new friends and enjoy fun kid stuff.

By showing concern for the family, the casino operators will get more business and will be doing the responsible thing for customers with addiction problems. Of course these attractions are businesses. They should still make sure that some of their less responsible gamblers can not put childrens lives in danger. If enough people recommend this to local gamng facilities in their area, government would not have to step in with new laws, restrictions, permits, licenses, regulations, fees... get the picture? A casino could be required by law to provide child care during the hours when they are open.

Now, if the nearest casino is many miles away, and these reports of children being locked inside the hot family car while Mom or Dad, or both, are comfortably gambling away the family paycheck continues to persist, then let me repeat myself once again. It is now time to legalize wagering online in the entire USA, for the childrens sake. Their voices are not loud enough. But they can stay in their rooms, at home watching television or sleeping peacefully, while Mom and Dad are nearby playing games on the internet.

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