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Horse racing betting online. This safe racebook review will lead you where to bet horse racing online. This full service racebook pays horse betting winners same day at full track odds. Covers more than 90 North American and Harness racetracks. This USA player approved place to wager safely and bet horse racing, is a proud winner of many major awards in a recent Casino Player Magazine readers poll, and is frequently voted by horseplayers for having the quickest racing payouts.

Bovada online casino Racebook enjoys a very strong reputation for horse racing betting integrity according to Gambling Online Magazine readers. Besides, its members can also bet sports online, play poker, or enjoy popular casino games with the same account. Offering one of the largest daily racetrack selections on the Internet, along with an endless selection of proposition racing bets and futures specialty events, this is definitely the best Internet place for horse race betting online.

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Create Your Own Horse Race Betting System

Putting together a functional method for horse racing betting is not as difficult as it may sound, even for a beginner. The important thing, as with any betting method, is that you write down every rule and follow it for at least 100 pretend bets. You do not need to exchange real money. Imaginary wagering is best at first. If, after 100 bets, it shows profit, you can then give it a race wagering bankroll and start gambling.

Starting an untested system with real money, packing it in on its first losing run, then putting it down as failed, will only cost you in the long term. Being patient has its merits.

So let us get down to creating a gambling on horses system using simple logic as a starting point. You will soon see how simple it is to put one together. This example will be profitable, so there is no reason why you can not follow it with a small bankroll. However, make sure that you understand why horse racing betting rules work best when followed to the letter.

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Every Thoroughbred horse racing betting racetrack on the planet has its own Leaders and Followers. Because of the laws of nature, equines are born and raised pack animals in the wild. There is always a leader in every pack. Let us name our simple method: Follow the Leaders.

What we will do here is to look upon back pages of any track racing betting program and identify the Rankings and Standings of EVERY Trainer and Jockey at the track for the current meet.

Some trainers will be consistently in the Top 10%. There are racing betting leaders at every track. Less successful trainers will will show stats such as terrible as 99-0-1-1. This latter Statistic reveals the Trainers Record for the meet... 99 starts, zero wins, 1 second place finish and 1 third place finish. Ooops... that is pitiful.

Would you place a bet of on such a Trainer? Surprisingly, many people will be completely oblivious about the trainers record and instead will bet horses by their Names, because of their Post Position, or because of the Jockey. Not surprisingly, the thoroughbred will run well enough to show promise, but not well enough to win and there goes your horse betting money.

Rule 1: Place a Checkmark beside the name of every entrant who has a Trainer with a win percentage of 15% or better, either in the current meet, or the most recent (in event the track is newly opened for its present meeting). Let us build on this with a followup rule.

Rule 2: Place another Checkmark beside the name of every steed in the race who has a JOCKEY with a win percentage of 15% or better. ADD an additional Checkmark if the entry has BOTH a 15% winning trainer AND a 15% winning Jockey. Take a look, some will have 1, 2 or ZERO checkmarks.

Rule 3: Place another check Mark next to ONLY THOSE RACING BETTING HORSES WHO ALREADY HAVE checkmarks IF:
3-A: It is MOVING UP in Class off its last race (even a bare minimum class hike).
3-B: It last raced within the past 20 days.
3-C: It is making its first appearance for the Trainer OR is being ridden for the first time (in last three starts) by the Jockey.
3-D: It has Morning Line odds of 4-1 or MORE and the DISTANCE of this race is same distance as its last start.

There you have it! You now have the workings for a major breakthrough system for thoroughbred horse betting. It may not be the perfect horse race betting system, but by following a few simple rules, one can envision a newly found, possibly profitable, horse race betting hobby.

Remember to use Make Believe, or Imaginary Money, to test this new horse betting gambling method. Make some tweaks of your own to Rule 3. Once you choose to apply real money when horse race betting, be sure to follow the leaders. They can be loosely defined as any Trainer or Jockey who has a minimum 15% Win rate. Any race horse betting method, or any other gambling system which follows losers, will almost certainly lead straight to the poor house.

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