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USA Players Welcome

Casino online gambling games, USA players welcome. Play for real money. Accepts Canada and guests worldwide. Collect 100% of your deposit in matching bonus chips at signup. Place your bets on many favorite wagering games offering online gambling entertainment from your laptop or personal computer. Red Stag has everything a gambler wants in a real money casino site. This international USA gambling place is becoming a favorite destination for many of the Worlds most savvy gamblers.

Red Stag gives instant access to favorite casino gambling games online., with full Instant Play Flash version of their gaming software. Here is some of the most exciting USA casino gambling action available. Vegas gamblers can enjoy the same atmosphere and fun they have come to expect from land based casinos, while participating in tournaments or playing multi player games.

Red Stag Casino is known to be an online casino that combines superior gaming with the most secure and trustworthy attributes that should run across the entire gaming spectrum. Casino players have the option of using the $2500.00 Welcome Bonus package that allows you to get money on the house in order to play any game you like. On each of your first 7 deposits, the Red Stag will credit you with free bonus money!

For example, if you decided to deposit $50, you will receive an extra $137.50 on the house. This will give you a $187.50 bankroll. What is great is the fact that players can make quick deposits with a number of different payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe and QuickCash). When players cashout, their requests will be processed right away.

With over 150 of the best casino games available, there is something here for every gaming style. Take a few rounds on the dozens of slot machines. Head over to the blackjack tables for a few hot hands. From there, check out specialty games like Pai Gow Poker or Video Poker and see what works best for you. Even if you just like hitting the Roulette tables, you will be greeted with a few different options for whichever kind of Roulette you prefer.

If you decide to cashout immediately upon hitting it big, you can contact 24/7 support via LiveChat or Email. Their representatives speak multiple languages and are extremely patient. They are ready to assist players with whatever may be needed. Its important when you receive the Welcome Email, that you click the link to approve the email address. This way, you will be able to get all the great promotion offers every day. With such outstanding and rotating promos and prize giveaways, it is very important that you receive all of their promotional offers.

Red Stag knows that you work hard daily, and that is why it is their goal to make sure you have the most relaxed and honest gaming experience possible. Casino Play Now!

Winning Tips for Video Poker

Everyone has seen her and, most of us, at one time or another, have been lured by her bright colors, happy jingle bell sounds and flashing images. The pulsing neon flashes, and alluring, undulating sounds emanating from deep within draw us closer. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... where should you sit? Which of many video poker machines waiting to be played will send you home with big money? Win! Win! Win! pulses across all the screens. It is the lone video game which gives the player the hope of winning cash instead of points. Of course this little tease is known as the videopoker machine.

At one time or another, you must have fallen for the lure of videopoker machines. So, too, has everyone else fallen for her charms. You already know she does not give up the cash as easily as suggested, or implied. That is part of her appeal. She is an enigma of frustration and beauty. Much like the Mona Lisa smile, you just can not seem to take your eyes away from her. Maybe, just once, you will find a way to beat her at her own game. Its about time Lady Luck finally pays off for you.

When answering her own question on national TV commercials as to whether or not we would like to make more money, the legendary Sally Struthers (daughter Gloria, ALL IN THE FAMILY) used to say, Sure... we all would. Those four little words earned her more cash in residual income than all the many episodes she played as Archie Bunkers ditzy daughter in one of most popular sitcoms in television history.

Here are some useful winning tips which will maximize your chances to make the videopoker machine keep her seductive promises. As with any game of chance where money is involved, the first rule to live by is to limit how much you are willing to lose. Its not really a tip. Its a disclaimer. Make a promise to yourself that you will quit before you lose your shirt. Know in advance, before you begin, where to draw the line if you start to suffer losses.

As you would in regular poker, take your time and look over every card in your hand. Do not race the clock. You may see a pattern about to develop. Such a pattern could be three or four hands in a row where you are missing ONLY one card from having a straight flush. Then nothing, then, BOOM, another hand. This time you have been dealt A,K,Q,J,10... a straight right out of the box. But... all are Hearts EXCEPT the Ace. Its a Club, and all the other cards are Hearts. What to do?

Have your hands been hot? Is this draw part of a pattern mentioned earlier? Do you NEED this hand so badly you would risk giving up the progressive jackpot? Did you play to win, or break even? What to do? What else? Hold the other 4 Hearts, discard the Ace of Clubs, and push the Draw button! Are you going to win if you do anything else?

Take enough time to consider what strategy you will pursue with each new hand. Since there are no other people involved, your mechanized opponent will be patient. I have yet to see a videopoker machine with a time limit, so do not feel pressured into making hasty decisions. Always play maximum coins, for the payout will be based on amount of coins played. Playing fewer coins does not guarantee playing longer. Always pick a machine which gives the best payout to coin ratio. If you want to play longer with less coin, then seek out a lower coin machine, for example play Nickles instead of Quarters. Good luck finding any of those nickel machines!

Practice at the many free videopoker machines available to you in on line casinos. Most offer free to play games. Use these to both hone your skills and build your confidence. Playing video poker games can be as much fun as playing regular poker. It presents unique opportunities and allows you to play at your own pace.

I have a confession to make. There is really only a single Tip here, which you should follow in order to become a consistent Winner. Did you spot it? Should I repeat myself, in case you missed it? Do not be afraid to take a chance when you see a progressive jackpot within reach. Always, GO FOR IT!

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