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Sports gambling online accepts casino sport book wagering by USA, Canada and world wide players. Place wagers on college and pro games in US sportsbook. Bet US is firmly committed to offering unique sportsbook gambling online opportunities for all members, including those in USA and Canada. Place sportbook wagers on college and pro games in Bet US licensed sportsbook casino.

At BetUS, they have hand-picked, and hired, the most experienced, skilled online sports gambling professionals. The collective vision is to establish Bet US as the what will be the leading online sportsbook casino website in the World. Their business model is to provide a unique, personalized, stress-free wagering experience whether you place online sports gambling bookie wagers, or bet casino games, or enjoy horse racing betting. A superb customer service team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or chat.

Bet US offers lucrative incentives by way of industry-leading bonuses. Cash rebates, frequent loyalty comps and sport wager deposit bonuses are given to all sports gambling online players from around the world. Recently named TOP BOOK by online readers of Gambling Magazine, Bet US Casino Sportsbook members can also take advantage of favorite LIVE DEALER betting table games such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat. Many multi line slots can also be played at anytime.

NEW Live Sports Gambling:

Give your online sports viewing that extra kick in the pants with a huge range of attractive in play bet offers on all daily sporting highlights. Wager and win big in front of your TV screen. BetUS Casino Sportsbook does not only offer wagers on sports. Get latest gambling odds on your favorite TV programs, politics, awards, stock market and more!

They present very attractive on line sportsbook gambling odds on all US Major League sport markets including American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. In addition, there is extensive betting coverage of soccer, golf, tennis, NASCAR motor sport, mixed martial arts and much, much more. Win up to 15K per sportbook betting option on US Major League games or top soccer competitions and benefit from margins as low as 2%. High stakes sport customers can wager up to five times a standard maximum amount. VISIT BET US NOW.

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Money Teams... Every Betting Sport Has Them

His name was Mudcat. That was a nickname. His real name was James "something", and like he told me early on, "you won't remember my name".

Mudcat pushed a supermarket shopping cart along Canal Street every year, during 10 days of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. His pushcart was filled with pre-wrapped cotton candy, LSU and Ole Miss football pennants, fragile Betty Boop Kewpie Dolls and other useless low priced souvenir items that every inebriated tourist had to have before leaving town the day after Fat Tuesday.

Without bragging, Mudcat confessed to earning a hundred dollars a day pushing that cart, some days $200 or more, especially with tips on weekends. But he supplemented his income by betting horses and wagering on basketball and football games. He loved to place wagers on the undervalued money teams... teams that most other bettors would overlook.

Early one late January Sunday, I bumped into him at a nearby Bookie joint on Saint Charles Avenue and made the mistake of asking who he favored for the upcoming Super Bowl.

The Minnesota Vikings had advanced as the NFL Champion in their march to the Super Bowl and had only one more game to win. They would be opposing the AFL Champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, for the pro Football Championship later that day.

"Who do I like?", he seemed surprised by my question. "I have to like the Vikings... whether I like them or not. They are the designated home team. They are the ones to bet when playing football at home. They always seem to beat the point spread whether favored, or not, when playing at home."

"Are you sure about that?" I asked without missing a beat. I was new to all of it, having recently served in VietNam and having returned home without a scratch. I was learning how to bet football games from a real sport professional (or so I thought), and I wanted to hear all sides while I had the chance before the big game.

"Kansas City Chiefs, AT HOME during regular season is a well known money making team, especially when underdogs. In college football, Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Penn State... betting on those teams will most often bring home the money.

In the SEC conference, home dogs are money teams." Mudcat was on a roll, preaching to his choir and a small group had already gathered around. He also proved to be right, at least that day, as he concluded his prophetic lesson.

"But when two champion teams collide, like in championship or college football bowl games, it is always smart to take the points on the underdog. Championship Dogs always seem to have the hardest bites."

I remember it well; MVP Len Dawson quarterbacked the Chiefs, as small underdogs, to a Super Bowl victory. Hank Stram, the winning head coach, was as dapper as always wherever he appeared on the sidelines before the television cameras.

sports gambling online

Mardi Gras came and went. The Fair Grounds was winding down its horse racing season. Weeks after my football handicapping lesson, I bumped into Mudcat in the Fair Grounds grandstand and he looked like he was ready to leave town on the next Greyhound bus. "Who do you like?" he asked, as we were 10 minutes away from the New Orleans Handicap, a stakes race for 4 year olds and up offering a big money prize purse for the winner.

"I like Combat Ready", I replied, revealing my palmed $20 Win ticket, no place, no show... just $20 to Win, on the nose.

"He's twelve to one." Mudcat exclaimed. "Why do you like him?"

"He is my Money Horse." Handing my Racing Form to Mudcat, so he could see the past performances. I noticed he needed a shave, and a bath. I was raised to be polite and to respect my elders, so I kept quiet.

"He went out of town in his last race, up to Aqueduct and got beat as a two to one favorite." said the Mudcat, making me regret my pick. "And the race before that one he was favored in an Allowance race at this distance, and after leading to the half, he LOST that one too."

Suddenly, feeling like a young fool, I blurted out: "That is why I like him. He has burned a lot of money for his backers, and now is his time to cash in. No one but stable hands and his pony horse likes him anymore."

Having said all that, the 2-minute bell rang, Mudcat rushed to the windows to place his bet, and together we watched Combat Ready run the race of his life. He won easily, paying $26 and change for a $2 ticket.

"If you weren't so ugly, I would kiss you!" , Mudcat shouted my way, as he headed for the nearest exit. I was relieved I would not be asked to loan him any money. And he hurriedly left for the same reason. He did not want to loan out any of his newly replenished sportbook bankroll

We never met again. I continued to live and learn, gaining wisdom with each bet placed on a Money Team, or a Money Horse. and I have got to say this about all that... wagering on sport has given me more smiles than tears over these many years. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open when it comes to improving your own sportbook handicapping skills.You just might run into someone who will teach you a thing or two about sport wagering.


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