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Sportsbook and casino gambling, for betting sports games against Vegas lines and odds. USA, Canada and world wide players welcomed. Bet sportsbook or casino games on the Internet against latest point spreads or visit the racebook and sportbook which offers current Las Vegas wagering odds. This international sportsbook casino property is where to sports gamble online.

Find sports betting odds and sport gambling lines on all major sports book and casino matchups. Bet Baseball, Football betting, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Nascar, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, Horse Racing, Sport Futures, future propositions and much more betting sports games online.

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Basic Baseball Betting Tips

Most people do not understand baseball betting and many more do not care to get involved. They do not have time to study teams, statistics, pitchers and all the information needed in order to become successful in baseball gambling. But wait a second, the task is not as scary as it seems. Many sport book operators are happy to simply break even during the season. It is surprising to me that more people are betting on football instead of baseball. Football is so much harder to win.

Betting baseball is one of the easiest ways to make money gambling because it is one of the easier games to handicap. There is no point spread to beat. Your team wins, your wager wins... go collect.

Let us skip the fundamental basics of base ball here, and I will assume you know the game, terminology and statistics involved. In football and basketball, team versus team handicapping is the key. With baseball, you have double the handicapping opportunity since both team and pitching match-ups can offer a winning edge.

Rule #1: Never play heavy favorites. Never bet on a team that is more than MINUS 150.

Simple example at grammar school arithmetic level will help here: Player needs to win 40% of PLUS 150 dogs to break even vs. 60% of MINUS 150 favorites.

If you predict the team has a 65% chance of winning and you bet it at MINUS 250... forget about it. Wins and losses are so irrelevant when wagering on MLB. You have got to love big dogs in baseball. Consider bullpen depth if its line is close to MINUS 150. If a bullpen has over a 3.50 ERA, and the closer is struggling or giving up late runs, be extra careful.

Rule #2: Never bet action. Name the pitchers ONLY in your baseball picks.

Rule #3: Never play the run line (essentially a point spread for baseball).

Rule #4: Never back a favorite when that team is going for a series sweep.

Rule #5: Always back the Home team in the second game of a 4 game stand, IF it lost the first game.

Rule #6: Home dogs are stronger, especially if coming off a humiliating loss to same foe they face today.

As with all things arguable, there are plenty of opinions, misperceptions, idolatry and out right ignorance by some "television expert analysts" who think they know everything. ESPN experts are among the worst. Make your own sport book picks. In fact, make your very own picks when it comes to wagering. You will feel much better with the outcome.

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