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These real online casinos accepting USA players, offer instant play casino games. No download required. International, American and Canadian players welcomed. International, American and Canadian players welcomed. Where to play safely and get great winnings? Check out the unique and fun filled games at Casiino Classic, one of the best real online casinos. This legendary no download casino offers a variety of slot machines, video poker games and stylish blackjack with a unique design. Get your 100% sign-up bonus upon registration. High rollers can enjoy the further benefits of the Casino Classic rewards program.

Try the flash-based, instant play Casino Red! No software requirements are necessary in order to gamble online and enjoy safe and secure no download casino gaming. Free to try, no deposit required. Get up to a $100 welcome bonus for playing online casino games. Awesome slots, roulette, keno and loose video poker await you. SPIN WHEEL OF FORTUNE and collect a 100% bonus on your first deposit! New games are added almost every month. It costs nothing to try with their Free Play feature, no deposit required. When you are ready for Real Play no download casino gambling you will get a new player welcome bonus! There are many more fun promotions to enjoy. Join now to become a winner!

Accepting International and USA players to gamble online, both real casinos take credit cards and offer various other secure deposit methods. Playing for real money is a simple mouse click away. Withdrawal options vary as well, depending on the players payout preference. Casino Classic, and Casino Red will process payouts within 24 hours of receiving the requested documentation. Come on in and check out the loosest slots online!

Beware Bogus Casinos
Bogus operators seem to be everywhere on the Internet these days, especially because so many prominent establishments chose to pull out of the U.S. market. That is called running scared because there is no specific law stating it is illegal to gamble online. The sole Federal law which was passed made it illegal for USA banking institutions to knowingly allow gambling transactions on credit cards, unless it is for horse racing or state lotteries.

Winning a state run lottery is as easy as being struck by lightning on the 29th day of February, every other 4 years, for the rest of your life! The Horse Racing exclusion came about because of HUGE contributions made to Politicians by racetracks, horsemen, jockeys and other interested parties. In my mind, this is nothing else but bribery. Many politicians have long been on the take and it is not a pretty picture of democracy. The Horse Racing Lobby contributed giant sums of cash to U.S. Senators, who then pushed the UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act) through on the last day of the session. The law was a Rider (attachment) on a homeland security bill which was certain to pass.

The result was that reputable, honest Internet operators quickly shut their doors to USA players and made a quick withdrawal. Emptied USA bank accounts, by these same reputable establishments, began a downward turn in the USA economy which still plagues recovery shortfalls to this day. Rushing in to fill the vacuum was an inexhaustible number of SCAM operations. Many operated on a wing and a prayer, making endless promises, scamming thousands of customers and hundreds of Affiliates. Everyone was waiting to be paid. To this day, many who are owed money are still waiting to be paid.

These very unscrupulous gaming sites moved in, after the honest operators fled. This resulted in making matters worse for players. Those Fat Cat senators who were behind the UIGEA never batted an eyelash. It is as though they never considered that REGULATED online casinos could be good for the economy. It would create jobs. There would have to be funds on deposit in USA banks in case of big Jackpot winners who would surely request payout. It is hard to understand how so called "educated" people can be so stupid. Is this what happens when one gets a college degree and then runs for elective office?

It is always about money. In this case, it was about the money they were not getting. No one had figured out how to tax money made through online casinos. No one knows how to make both the facility and its gambling clients pay through the teeth for the fun of spinning a roulette wheel or doubling down on split Aces at a blackjack table. No one is entitled to spend his own money... certainly not in the good old USA! You work for a living? That does not give you the right to spend YOUR money on the little things that can put a smile on your face. Every cent you make belongs to the Government!

Some politicians defended passing their Rider by being quick to point out that money laundering for supporting terrorist activities originated in Internet gambling websites. They may as well believe these same terrorists were eating pork chops in a Kosher Deli. Highly improbable! Playing the moral card puts those in charge in a revealing hypocritical light, because of the questionable exceptions made for horse betting and state run lotteries.

A number of gutsy, honest, and reputable establishments, available for USA players, still exist. Certainly these places also have the good reputations for running gaming establishments which have earned our trust.

If you live in one of these nine US States: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, New York, and Wisconsin, you are out of luck. Most likely you will fall victim to dishonest operators and scams they run, because HONEST operators will not alow you to play in their properties.

Look, seek out and search for those real casinos listed at trusted gambling guides and web portals for your best chance at avoiding scams. Contact us if you have trouble with the establishment recommended within this website. Together, we can avoid scammers and they will eventually disappear into the vastness of cyberspace.

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