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Take part in the most exciting online poker action available on the World Wide Web. Get back cash bonuses on all deposits every time you play poker online in the card game room. This lively web site provides the best promotions and loyalty benefits to its world class players.

The Best Poker Signup Bonus!
Claim up to FREE $1100 when you register and join. You are automatically entitled to a 100% match bonus up to $1100 on your first deposit into the poker casino. In addition to this, you can also claim a Refer a Friend bonus which allows you to share with your friends just how much fun you are having playing Texas Holdem poker and you will be paid for referrals.

Play Poker in the Largest Room!
When you play online poker at Ignition, you are joining tens of thousands of other Poker world players who are enjoying great action to be found in the largest Poker room on the Internet. Whatever your game, Texas Hold, Hi-Low Omaha, Pot Limit, or No Limit, there is always a table available as well as the most exciting Internet tournaments.

Win Seats to the WSOP!
Sit down at a table and win a $10,000 seat to the most famous event on the calendar, the World Series of Poker. Ignition always sends its players to the most exciting events. Every time you play poker online, whether in tournament or table games, you are still earning points as player loyalty rewards! Access your account at any time and use them to enter Satellite tournaments to win the big money challenges.

Get Help When You Need It!
Help Desk support is available 24/7 by way of either the free download software or from their website. You will be helped after any enquiry sent by email, through Live chat or via a Toll Free phone number.

Security Matters to Us!
Personal and private security on the Internet today is a must. This is why they have employed 128-bit encryption on all player data and transactions. This provides a secure environment to play Poker online. Ignition has several www poker tournaments daily with guaranteed pots of up to $100,000.

Ready for a Friendly Poker Game?
There is rarely such thing as a friendly game of poker when playing Texas holdem online . If you want to become a consistent winner, you cannot afford to play a friendly game. Now, you do not have to belittle other players, or talk trash, in order to win. That is simply poor manners and rudeness. But you do need to be aggressive in your Texas holdem playing strategy because it's true in the online Poker World that nice guys finish last.

A friendly game of Internet Texas holdem consists of not raising the short stack player at the table. A friendly game might also include not raising before the flop. There are so many techniques one can use to keep the game friendly, but these "nice guy" plays are strictly for Losers. Is that what you want?

Friendly techniques are for losers. Particularly when playing a tournament game, the goal is to eliminate other players and to be the last one standing. When you get a chance to eliminate a player from the online poker tournament, do not hesitate. Allowing an opponent to remain in the game is a mistake you will soon regret. When you get the cards in your favor, take your opponents out early and often. If they stick around too long, because you didn't Check-Raise your straight flush, you may be the one leaving the table.

Other poker game players may get frustrated with your aggressive playing style, but your only goal is to win... not to make friends. It is acceptable to raise pre flop when you have a good hand, and you should do so even though it may not keep the game friendly. If you are learning how to play Texas hold em, you need to be aware that it is appropriate to put another player all in... if you have the absolute best hand.

A friendly online poker game online would not include a check raise. This is a very effective technique for winning a pot and eventually the game. Once you reveal this move, you will immediately gain the fear and admiration from your opponents that will label you as "dangerous". When you play online, focus on effective strategies that result in your winning the game, not making friends.

Remember not to talk trash and to be a good sport. Trash talking will work against you because other players may make it their sole goal to eliminate you, so be warned. Let your opponents think you are well-mannered, considerate, charitable and kind. Then, when you drop the ultimate bomb that sends them home early, the remaining players at the table will be confused as they now see you in a different light. Suddenly, and without a doubt, you will be the player that forever more gets their respect. See you at the Final Table.

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