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Here is one of the most respected and recognized USA players casinos online. They take banking and security very seriously. With 128 bit encryption on all banking transactions, they can rightfully claim that banking with them is actually safer than making transactions at your local bank. After your first cashout, it takes only 2 to 3 business days for the money to reach your account. Safe and trusted Courier services are also available. You will always have many options for choosing your preferred deposit and cashout methods.

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Offering a courteous and efficient 24/7 customer service support, you will have a number of options for contacting them including toll free numbers from a variety of countries, e-mail and Live Chat. A most important aspect of playing online black jack in a blackjack casino is the level of customer support one receives.

Blackjack Casino games provide a superior level of personal service. They are sincerely living up to establishing a world wide reputation for providing a wide selection of exciting online black jack. This establishment comes highly recommended by all who have ever played Internet blackjack.

The Real Secret to Winning at Blackjack
No matter where you play Black Jack, whether on or off the Vegas strip, or in an online casino from the comfort of home, the rules are pretty much the same. If you play by these rules, your winning percentage will improve. And if you stick to the rules wherever you play blackjack, you will become a consistent winner.

First, let me say, I HATE free advice. It seems to always be worth exactly what is paid for it... NOTHING. But in this case, this advice is backed up from five years experience where I once earned a Princely sum each night from Binion's Horseshoe back in the mid-eighties of the last century. My goal back then was to earn (notice I did not use the word: win) a minimum of $300 a night playing black jack. If I could do this in half an hour, or less, all the better. If it took an hour or more, it was still worth my time. Once I amassed $300 profit in chips, I would leave the table, advance to the Cashier, collect my earnings, and head for the nearest exit.

No cards were counted at this single deck table. The Pit Boss watched my method of Play very carefully. I was a "regular" who played nightly and most always would "cash out and run". One night in particular, in less than an hour, I had already amassed more than $1,000 in earnings, just by gradually increasing my bets at a $5 table! All eyes (including the surveillance cameras in the ceiling) were on me. A new deck of cards was unwrapped. The Pit Boss came to my side of the table where I sat at third base (the last chair before the Dealer either Hits or Stands his hand). I should have been shaking, but I remained calm.

It is not always skill, and it is never always Luck, when it comes to winning at Blackjack. You have to play this game by its Rules. Every hand is a brand new game. Every new Deck of cards brings its own unique hands. Some days you will win because the Dealer has busted, or because that idiot player next to you split 10's and drew the low cards that the Dealer would not get for his hand of 16. You have to be ready to adjust the size of your bets when the game gets crazy.

If the Dealer is suddenly HOT, should you be betting big stacks of chips? If his hands have been cold, busting out two or three in a row, should you still be limping in with minimum chips?

I promised to reveal the real secret to winning at the blackjack game, so now I have to deliver. I will now tell you the same thing I told that huffy Pit Boss when he raised an eyebrow as I called for a card while holding 16... and the Dealer was showing a 6 as his up card.

"What are you doing hitting a 16 when the Dealer is showing a 6?" the Pit Boss loudly asked. A hush fell over the full table of six, all of whom were awaiting my answer. I thought I heard a pin drop at the next open table.

As the dead silence got louder, it hit me that suddenly my 3rd Base Seat was being looked upon as causing certain loss for the other players. Looking up into his quizzical brown eyes, and seeing an "AH-HA" moment about to come, I quickly answered: "I'm playing by the rules."

"At this table, in this casino, the Dealer is REQUIRED to Hit Sixteen or less, and STAND on Seventeen or more. Am I right... or am I wrong? "

"But you're not the Dealer", he rapidly replied.

"But those are the Rules, and players are allowed to play by Dealer Rules... right?", I quickly answered.

He then shrugged his shoulders and nodded to the Dealer to proceed. Taking a deep breath, and faking a smile, the Dealer slowly dealt the face up card to go with my 16. I drew a 5, giving me a total of 21.

He then dealt himself a Face card, a Jack of Hearts, busting out his hand with 26 points.

The other players at the table loudly applauded this turn of events, as the cocktail waitress suddenly appeared with a fresh round of drinks. Suddenly, I realized I had been forgiven for my stupid move.

That's the Secret. In order to become a consistent winner at the Black jack game... PLAY BY THE RULES. It does not matter that you are not the Dealer. One does not have to be a Card Counter to understand that every deck of 52 cards contains 4 fives, 4 fours, 4 threes, 4 twos and 4 Aces (1s). That's a total of 20 cards in a single deck, 40 cards in a double deck, and 60 cards in a triple deck that can turn a 16 or less into a winning hand. If the Dealer MUST HIT 16 or less, SO SHOULD YOU!

Bet table minimums when you first sit down. A novice player or two may be at your table, making dumb moves... like splitting 10's against the Dealer's up face card. If you spot this type of stupid play early on, move to a different table.

Never split a pair of Fives. If the Dealer appears vulnerable (showing a 6 or 7), DOUBLE DOWN on a pair of fives. Always split 8s when the Dealer is not showing a Face card, or 10.

Always split Aces. The name of the game is Blackjack, and there will always be 4 Kings, 4 Queens, 4 Jacks and 4 Tens in a single deck to benefit your split Aces.

Adjust the size of your bets. Starting from Table Minimum, gradually raise your bets until you are at $20 a hand (using casino money, not your own). After a few winning hands at the $20 level, and especially when the Dealer is cursing under his breath at the bad luck he is having, RAISE your bets to $40, then $60, then $80 a hand. Once you reach these higher betting amounts, you have already EARNED $300, so it is now time to stack your chips, bid "adieu" to the table and saunter over to the cashier window. Once your cash is in hand, make a quick exit and leave as a Winner.

Black Jack is one game that should always be played by the rules... by everyone at the table.

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